I like to swim in foreign cultures, travel to exotic countries and meet people who fascinate me. So I shot in different institutions, be it in the Israeli Kvar Tikva kibbutz for the disabled, in the Palestinian LIFEGATE rehabilitation center in Bait Jala, in the Catholic school in Belize City or in the Kazakh Amankulov-Ata Mosque near Almaty. I want to think outside the box and do local research to understand the background of others. Clichés stay at home. Many questions and curiosity are in the hand luggage.

 After my media management studies in Mittweida, I completed an 18-month traineeship as a documentary filmmaker with journalist Thomas Junker (Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk). For almost two years I assisted Junker with research, camera work and editing. 

I was able to successfully demonstrate the skills I had acquired on a four-week expedition through Kazakhstan.

This experience was followed by a four-year „adventure“- job on the high seas. I was employed as a TV operator on board AIDA Cruises and was responsible for the broadcast studio, the production of travel documentaries and web videos. Unforgettable shooting days in Orient, Asia, North America, Europe and the Caribbean Islands are behind me. Between my assignments for AIDA Cruises, I spent several months in Tunisia, where I organized kite camps for those interested in water sports. An incredible experience where I was able to immerse myself in Arabic culture.

Currently, I’m an online editor and video specialist at the regional daily newspaper „Volksstimme“, where I’m building up the video section.

You are looking for a..

… Video Journalist with filming experience abroad (focus on documentation) e.g. Thomas Junker Filmproduktion, AIDA Cruises 

…Online Editor / Video specialist with writing and research interests, e.g. daily newspaper Volksstimme

…Content Manager for active website support / graphic & photo creation, for example for the kite project Oasis Kite 

Feel free to contact me and we will exchange ideas about your project: samanthamguenther@gmail.com